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Getting your vacation ownership at LuxPalace Black Sea means that you will own the right to come on a dreamy vacation for one week per year, every year for a lifetime in our exclusive & luxurious hotel. Yes for a lifetime. Once a year, you will come relaxing from everything and living the dream with all the finest facilities you can imagine, Casino, Dead Sea Spa and so much more. 

Of course you will have the right to pass this gift to family & friends any year you want.

So if you understand the power of this opportunity, don’t hesitate and become today the owner of your vacation ownership at LuxPalace Black Sea hotel. Starting now at 15,000$ per unit, just decide how many units you want and contact us now for more information.

The property remains owned by the hotel but according to the contract, the owner of the Vacation Ownership holds the right to exercise a vacation at the hotel during each year during 25 years of the agreement (ownership).

It is possible to sell the ownership to a third party, anytime you want, but first the hotel management must be contacted so that it can buy back the week, then if the hotel did not buy the week back, it will be possible to sell it on the free market to a third party. The third party must then sign a contract with the hotel owner.

Check in Monday at 4pm, check out Monday 12pm.

The room may be different, depending on the availability of the hotel in the selected week, a room will be provided in the same category according to the contract

Room cleaning services will be provided to all hotel guests, as a 5 star room service.

If you can not come in a certain year, you are free to give the ability to use your week holiday to anyone you want, friends and family, this with a two week notice at least.

You can also ask the management company to find a replacement for your week at a certain year. Then the payment for the week will be payed by the replacement and the payment will be shared equally, half to the contract holder and half to the management company.

The rooms are designed for 2 people according to the contract so you are free to come with anyone you like. Of course you will be able to come with children with extra cost directly managed by the management company.

Yes of course, the vacation ownership includes 5 star hotel breakfast every morning of the week vacation.

The hotel will include the following facilities: A huge casino, Dead Sea spa, regular spa, gym, at least one restaurant, restaurant bar, pool (no extra cost), events, party hall and conference center. Most of the additional services are at an additional cost – there is a discount on the use of facilities of between 25% -50% for vacation contract holders.

The hotel location is only 25 minutes drive from the airport.

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